It is my belief that the finest photography should convey more than the surface of the situation. Granted, the facts of any scenario are vital, essential and telling. It is, however, the back-story that provides an image with depth and resonance. It is this connection that bestows certain imagery with a power to convey deeper meaning and the ability to unveil a simple secret. Knowledge and Understanding are obvious if pursued and elusive if challenged- effective design and emotional involvement can help, but there is much that goes unnoticed. Photography can help unravel certain mysteries and allow a suspension of Time- that will allow a moment, subject or situation the luxury to expand, announce and clarify.

Often, it is tempting to portray the obvious attributes of a Subject. Beauty is alluring, Strength is impressive, and Excitement is an addiction. However, it is the awareness of the poetic profile of a Boxer, or the acceptance that Charm resides in Chaos or the recognition that Courage is inherent in a Ballerina's Pointe shoe. These realizations foster a true epiphany and once acknowledged, you can never revert to the superficial singular-seeing. I have searched for these "gifts of the moment and circumstance" and I have found them in far-away places and in my own living room. Hopefully these images have been given and not taken.

If you have the time and inclination- please proceed through my portfolios with this thought in mind. Whether on assignment, constructing, deconstructing, searching or listening- these, my favorite images have appeared. Some were invited, some were assigned, and others arrived unannounced: all are important in the formation of my photography and in the path of my career. Enjoy!

  • Charlie McCullers
  • Winter 2009